Red Cliff

About Red Cliff


Business Philosophy

Red Cliff was founded in 2006 completing over one hundred public works contracts in this time, growing into a respected heavy civil contractor who is well diversified in the industry. What has made Red Cliff successful in the challenging times of their existence? It's the people, the foundation of our business. At Red Cliff, we're not only building a company we are building careers and futures for our employees. As a matter of policy we encourage and strive to develop every individual's leadership potential. We create a culture where excellence in business is at the center of our core values. We identify and seek out the best people in our industry; people who buy into Red Cliff's Corporate vision of excellence and customer satisfaction, people who make business a clear priority in their lives, who teach and learn and strive to become leaders within the organization. This is not only business philosophy but a reflection of who we are as a company.


Business Strategy

The competitive market of the time mandates that contractors become innovative and proficient in all phases of their organization. This awareness has helped Red Cliff in its understanding that Owners appreciate contractors who ''Project Manage'' where contractor professionalism foresees and averts obstacles to a mutually successful Contract. Red Cliff understands the best time to influence the course of a Contract is before construction starts. Identification of work which can be modified to save cost is only one aspect of competent construction management. Today even in small communities' owners and engineers are becoming more sophisticated, now and into the future project administration becomes a larger piece of construction. From experience we see projects more often impacted by failures in the shop drawing process or by late delivery of materials then by construction crews. Red Cliff seeing these trends employs veteran construction managers and young well educated engineers who understand to be a leader in the industry you must be skillful in construction management and administration as well as building.


Working Safely

Safety is not a slogan at Red Cliff! Simply put, our number one priority every day is to ensure that our employees return home safely to their loved ones each night. Red Cliff has had no lost time accidents since starting business in 2006; we hope and believe this is due to our jobsite hazard identification efforts, classroom training and strong Injury Illness and Prevention Plan. Red Cliff's Workers Compensation Experience Mod Rating is .77 a rating we have worked hard to achieve. Red Cliff follows the concept of Zero Injuries, the belief and commitment that all serious injury to workers can be successfully prevented. We look at safety as though it was a difficult project to build, where good planning and diligence goes to the bottom line and our sense of professionalism.In today's world contractors must recognize that English is the second language of most construction crews, a disproportionate percentage of fatalities in the construction industry occurs to Hispanic workers, all Red Cliff written policies, procedures and other writings are produced in Spanish and English. Red Cliff seeks out the best Hispanic team leaders and superintendents, 90% of Red Cliff's superintendents are bilingual, safety and hazard identification meetings are always held in the languages which assure everyone understands procedures and possible jobsite hazards.



Red Cliff offers rewards, incentives and recognition for superior performance, we attract the best, and we nurture and retain talent. At Red Cliff there are opportunities for personal and professional growth. Do you want to be challenged and recognized for your efforts? Do you want to be part of a company that is moving forward? Do you want to be with a company that presents challenges and opportunities? Do you want to be part of something greater than yourself? Red Cliff gives people opportunities to be leaders; individuals are empowered to make decisions that make real differences to the bottom line.

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